9 Biggest Car Shipping Myths Revealed

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If you’re planning to ship your car across the country or overseas, you might have heard some myths and misconceptions about the process. You might be wondering if it’s safe, reliable, affordable, and hassle-free. Well, we’re here to bust some of the most common car shipping myths and give you the facts you need to make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

Myth #1: Car shipping is expensive

One common misconception about shipping cars is that it comes with a price tag. However this is far from the truth. In reality car shipping can be quite affordable particularly when compared to alternatives such as driving or flying. Opting to drive your vehicle can incur significant expenses like gas, tolls, food, accommodation and wear and tear on your car. On the other hand , flying can also be costly especially when factoring in additional baggage fees or renting a car at your destination. Car shipping offers a solution that saves both time and money by avoiding these expenses and inconveniences. Reputable car shipping companies provide quotes so you can compare rates and services to secure the best option, for your budget and specific requirements.

Myth #2: Car shipping is risky

One misconception regarding car shipping revolves around concerns about safety and risks. It’s natural to worry that your vehicle may suffer damage, go missing or get stolen during transportation. However these worries are highly unlikely to materialize if you opt for a well established car shipping company. These companies provide insurance coverage that safeguards against any damages or losses that might occur during the transit process. Additionally they employ experienced drivers who handle your vehicle with utmost care and professionalism. They utilize equipment and vehicles specifically designed to shield your car from external factors such as adverse weather conditions, road conditions or theft. Moreover you have the convenience of tracking your car’s location and status either online or through phone communication to ensure its arrival, within the designated time frame.

Myth #3: Car shipping is complicated

Another myth that might deter you from shipping your car is that it’s complicated and time-consuming. You might think that you have to do a lot of paperwork, preparation, and coordination to ship your car. However, this is not the case at all. Car shipping is actually very simple and easy if you follow these steps:

  • Find a reputable car shipping company online or by referral.
  • Get a free quote and book your service online or by phone.
  • Prepare your car for shipping by removing any personal items, cleaning it inside and out, checking the fluid levels and tire pressure, disabling the alarm system, and locking the doors.
  • Meet the driver at the agreed pickup location and inspect your car together before signing the bill of lading.
  • Wait for your car to be delivered at the agreed destination and inspect it again before signing the delivery receipt.

That’s it! You don’t have to worry about anything else because the car shipping company will take care of everything for you.

Myth #4: Car shipping takes too long

There is a misconception that shipping your car takes an amount of time resulting in weeks or even months of waiting before you can be reunited with your vehicle. However this belief is far from accurate. Car shipping can actually be quite fast and efficient depending on factors like distance, route, season and driver availability. Typically the duration of car shipping ranges from a few days to a couple of weeks based on these factors. If you’re in a hurry to have your car back in your possession there are options for guaranteed delivery well. Furthermore you can also stay informed about the estimated arrival time of your car by staying in touch with the car shipping company and the assigned driver.

Myth #5: Car shipping is one-size-fits-all

There’s a misconception about car shipping that can be confusing – the belief that it’s one size fits all processes. People often think they have no say in how their car’s shipped or what kind of service they receive.. That’s not accurate at all. In reality car shipping is quite flexible and customizable allowing you to tailor it to your preferences and needs. You have the option to choose between types of carriers, such as open or enclosed trailers. Additionally there are services available like door to door or terminal to terminal delivery. If desired you can also request services or features such as top load placement, additional insurance coverage or special handling for unique or classic cars. Moreover, negotiating the price and terms with the car shipping company is possible, in order to secure the value for your money.

Myth #6: Car shipping is only for cars

Another misconception that could limit your choices when it comes to vehicle transportation is the belief that it’s for cars. You might assume that motorcycles, boats, RVs or ATVs cannot be shipped. However this is entirely false. Vehicle shipping services cater to any kind of vehicle that can be transported on a trailer or in a container. Regardless of its size, shape, weight or condition, car shipping companies have the equipment, vehicles and drivers to accommodate and safely deliver your vehicle. You can also obtain a quote and compare rates and services for various types of vehicles either online or, over the phone.

Myth #7: Car shipping is only for long distances

There’s a misconception about vehicle transportation that could limit your options. Many people believe that it’s only necessary when traveling distances. However this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you’re moving within the state or a few blocks away, car shipping services are available and can provide convenience and benefits. Opting for car shipping allows you to save time, money and effort by entrusting your vehicle to professionals while you focus on aspects of your move. It also helps you avoid the stress and inconvenience of driving your car or finding transportation methods.

Myth #8: Car shipping is only for individuals

Another myth that might influence your decision when it comes to car shipping is that it’s only for individuals. You might think that you can’t ship your car if you’re a business, a dealer, a military member, or a student. However, this is not true at all. Car shipping is actually for anyone who needs to ship their car for any reason. Car shipping companies cater to different types of customers and situations, such as:

  • Businesses that need to ship their fleet vehicles, company cars, or employee relocation vehicles.
  • Dealers that need to ship their inventory vehicles, trade-in vehicles, or auction vehicles.
  • Military members that need to ship their personal vehicles when they get deployed, relocated, or discharged.
  • Students that need to ship their cars when they go to college, study abroad, or graduate.

You can also get discounts and special offers from car shipping companies if you belong to any of these categories.

Myth #9: Car shipping is only for certain seasons

One common misconception that can impact your timing when it comes to shipping a car is the belief that it’s only feasible during seasons. You might assume that you can’t have your car shipped in winter, summer or during holidays. However this is completely false. The reality is that car shipping services are available year round regardless of the weather or time of year. Car shipping companies operate 24/7 and 365 days a year to cater to your car transportation needs. They possess the experience and expertise to navigate any challenges presented by seasonal factors such, as snow, rain, heat, traffic or demand. To ensure a process without any delays or additional charges you can even plan ahead by booking your service in advance and securing your spot.


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There are misconceptions and false beliefs surrounding car shipping that could potentially discourage you from reaping its benefits and advantages. However conducting research and selecting a reliable car shipping company can help dispel these myths and uncover the truth about transporting vehicles. Car shipping offers a safe, affordable and dependable option, for anyone in need of transporting their vehicle. So don’t allow these misconceptions to hinder you from considering car shipping as a choice today!

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