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July 11, 2024

After they receive your money, they are totally rude and unprofessional. They charged me $381 for Express delivery ,then upon delivery they charged an additional 1350 when the balance was only $1000. I have not been able to get a refund for my overcharges and they also damaged my vehicle And told me I only had until Monday to turn the information over to their insurance company. They have never gave me their insurance company information and I’ve never dealt with someone so unprofessional annd rude ever. I just want to be treated fair. Please never use this company they are a total scam .So crazy how i was treated

Starlet j
June 29, 2024



As the time they are supposed to pick up the car we they called me and claims the driver is asking for $200 more. Just 2 days ago I confirmed the final price and he gave me 3 reasons the price could change a little (we ibises by the rules anyway) and none of them of course were the driver is asking for more money.



Greg Manhoff
June 1, 2024

Shipwit is a scam. They took my deposit of $190 and have made excuses for a week of why they have not yet secured any shipper. My car is sitting at the dealership, the finance manager is laughing at me saying he can ship immediately as soon as I give him the word. Instead of acknowledging my cancellation request and refunding my fee, Shipwit is diligently trying to incite me to use another broker so they can then claim my fee is forfeited. What a scam of a company, save yourself the headache and DO NOT TRUST SHIPWIT.

Sam S.

What Will It Cost To Ship Your Vehicle?

Without requiring your contact information, we can assist in providing an estimate for moving your car. We can show you what other people have been quoted using 200,000+ quote requests and more than 2,500,000 + prices provided by businesses.

We can also display the reported prices that other customers paid when they left reviews. Information that will help you quickly estimate how much your move would cost while protecting your privacy. When you’re ready, you may also request anonymous shipping quotes from auto transport companies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cheapest way to ship a car?

The Open Auto Transport Carrier is the Most Economical Method of Shipping Your Car.

The majority of people desire to save money, thus this is a wonderful question.
When searching for services in the auto transport sector, this is particularly valid.

The Open-Air Auto Transport Carrier is the most popular and least expensive method for shipping a car.
Your car will be outdoors, on an open trailer, and exposed to the weather throughout open transport. This is the most popular and affordable method of shipping your car. Open transport auto shipment is possible using a variety of transport vehicles, from single-car trailers to trucks that can haul ten or more automobiles.

vehicle types that can be loaded.
Basically any sedan, regular-sized truck, standard-sized sport utility vehicle, and even some vans, again depending on size, which is determined by length and height. The additional vehicles that would be loaded alongside it would determine the total size of a vehicle that could fit on an open car carrier.

If you’ve ever seen an open auto transport trailer, you’ve probably noticed that the top level can be raised or lowered to accommodate loading and unloading a wide variety of automobiles. In any scenario, be prepared for the trailer’s structure to be secured with straps to the vehicle. The open-air auto carrier trailer’s wheelbase is wrapped in heavy leather straps or thin chains and secured firmly to the metal frame.

This keeps the car from bouncing around during delivery and guarantees that the item will arrive in the same state as when it was picked up.
Please Note: Alternative procedures could be necessary for low clearance automobiles.

How to calculate the price of car transport.
You are likely to be transported alongside six to nine other loaded and secured automobiles while moving your car on an open-air auto transporter.

The driver might lower the overall rates per unit because there are so many vehicles on the load to deliver. Of course, factors affecting car shipment costs include location, gas prices, vehicle size, and weight. The overall cost of the transportation in question will depend on how popular the requested route is for service.

Rates will always change as a result of changing gas costs, particularly for diesel fuel.
Since fuel prices ultimately determine everything in this industry, there are rarely any fixed rates for shipping a vehicle. Going open auto hauler will always be your safest and most affordable option when shipping a car between states, even when gas prices may be at their highest.

Included should be Full Insurance.
This is entirely dependent on the auto carrier that has been given your order. Every time a vehicle transport company operates within the United States of America, they must have the F.M.C.S.A.-mandated cargo insurance policy.

This implies that your car should be completely shielded from any harm sustained while transportation. Prior to pickup, be sure to request proof of insurance. The logistics coordinator who is in charge of sending your car to the auto carrier could readily request the auto transport insurance documents.

Verify the insurance policy’s expiration date and confirm for yourself that your car is fully covered while being transported. Your car should be in excellent hands with all these insurance-related facts in order because no one wants to have to make an additional insurance claim. This gives you the peace of mind that the driver will treat your car with the respect it merits.

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What are the required documents when shipping my car?

The Bill of Lading Agreement is the only required document.

Getting the paperwork properly is crucial when selecting an auto transport firm to send your car from point A to point B. Booking an auto transport service should be straightforward but thorough.

The Bill of Lading, which must be signed and is directly issued by the vehicle transport driver, is the best response to this query. The vehicle inspection sheet is another name for this document. Any dings, damages, or dents the car may have had previous to loading will be noted on this invoice. On delivery, the same record will be taken. At the time of signing on site, copies of both pickup and delivery must be given to the customer. This enables the client to seek compensation for any losses that are discovered to have happened during transit. All vehicles in the care of a car shipper are obliged by law to be fully insured.
To have your automobile picked up and delivered by an authorized car transport firm, this is the only required document.
The customer ought to be able to keep their title, license plate, and registration documents. These goods are not required while in the car carrier’s custody.
Of course, in order to load and unload the vehicle, the driver will want the keys. The driver would require the keys if an emergency occurred during shipping in case a carrier reassignment was necessary while the shipment was in transit.

Additional Advice: The following are a few quick hints to keep in mind when booking a car shipper.

Establishing Contact.
Once you’ve located the ideal auto transport company, you’ll probably contact them or submit an online quote request form. The next step would be to place your order if you are happy with what you have received. Some businesses let you place your order online, while others would rather you call and discuss the specifics over the phone. In any event, while reserving your space, be sure to review any contracts that need to be signed.
Pay close attention to the small print to make sure that, in the event of an early cancellation or a company’s failure to pick up and deliver your automobile, you are not forfeiting any form of deposit or reservation charge. Non-reputable businesses are known to lock customers into contracts with meager deposits or portions of the total in order to outbid the competition. They then force the customer to sign a document allowing the business to keep the charged deposit regardless of the outcome.
A quick Google/Bing search of the company name is an excellent strategy to steer clear of these businesses. Search engines will provide you with more than enough information to distinguish between the honest and dishonest people.
In reality, a written or electronic contract between the consumer and the broker who assigns you a car carrier is not required.
When exporting your car to a different state, the booking process is straightforward and completely clear.

  • Information Required During Booking.
    Customers must have contact information and phone numbers for pickup and delivery at each zone. Given the restricted space on auto transport carriers, the vehicle’s year, make, and model should be precise. There would be a problem if a driver arrived to pick up a vehicle of a given size only to discover that the vehicle was larger than what they had anticipated to load. This is because there wouldn’t be enough room on the transport carrier. It’s critical to be extremely specific about what you’re transferring so the vehicle transport company can be well-prepared.
    Pickup dates are determined by availability. At the time of your initial contact, your vehicle transport consultant should speak with you about all possible routes and schedule times. To have a record of what was said, make sure to obtain everything in writing. Include a phone number for the driver who will be handling your order.
  • Payment Method Most Popular
    The majority of businesses in the vehicle transport sector process their service fees in the same manner. Count on receiving the payment in two portions. The initial payment to reserve your position on a car hauler should be a reservation fee or deposit. Usually, the remaining balance is paid in certified funds (cash, money order, or bank certified check) upon delivery. Although some businesses may provide alternatives, the aforementioned procedure is typically how the charge for service is handled.