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9512 SW Royal Poinciana Dr
Port St. Lucie FL, 34987

Rated 2.0 out of 5
2.0 out of 5 stars (based on 8 reviews)
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Rated 1.0 out of 5
January 28, 2021

I was researching different carriers to ship my brother in laws car. He needed help doing this because he’s in the service. I started dealing with this company, but we kept playing phone tag. I ended up finding another carrier and when I apologized and told the owner that I found someone else, he “Thanked me for wasting his time” not very professional at all. Good initial experience flushed down the toilet with that remark.

Avatar for Randy R.
Randy R.
Rated 1.0 out of 5
May 24, 2019

I usually do not like to write negative reviews because I know how hard it is to run and survive in business and never like to criticize an owner who tries BUT simply call someone else to transport your vehicle. Your wasting your time and effort here

Avatar for Steven L.
Steven L.
Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 18, 2018

I have been recommending this business to others (being military, I answer this transport question a lot). I honestly am not sure I would every ship a car again based on our past experience, but this company literally came to my rescue when I was stuck with another company and called him in tears.

I believe it was Jason who I spoke with. He knew I was in a contract with another company so really had little hope of getting any business from me. Regardless of this, he spoke with me for at least 20 minutes. He explained how this whole car shipping business works and how common it was for people like me to get stuck in contracts like I was in because of shady dealing by other companies.

I have a whole spiel I usually go into basically summarizing what this man took the time to explain. How any company can quote you basically anything but they really have no clue what something will cost until the job is posted and sells. They don’t transport the vehicles. They post the “job” to a national board with a desired price. Transporters can see the job and decide if they want to accept it or not at that price. The company that posts the job can probably guesstimate what a job will be able to sell for based on past sales for similar routes, but they can’t guarantee.

So what this kind man explained to me was that I got stuck in a common scam where the customer (me) calls around for quotes on a job. The companies will provide quotes and customer will make a decision on who to go with. We had decided on our “scam company” 3 months prior to when we needed shipment and had put money down to secure the shipment. But, surprise, surprise, the “scam company” couldn’t sell the job for the price they quoted, so our car sat and sat. Meanwhile the “scam company” kept telling us we needed to increase our price by $100, 300, 500…. to get the job sold. AND we were stuck in a contract with them for 10 working days while they tried to sell the job, which meant we either waited out the 10 days and moved on OR we increased our expected transport cost by almost double just to get things moving, OR we walked away early, but lost our $500.

He explained this was common for companies to underbid, take money upfront, then “have you” in a contract such as this.

AND this man explained to me that the problem with our transport was where the car was being picked up. It was out of the way and no one wanted it for the price offered. Had we known this before we could have easily transported our car to San Francisco and sold the job cheaper… but we had left our car with friends and driven out of state thinking we had pick-up scheduled. What a friggin mess it was!!

Anyhow, I was floored by everything I learned in this conversation and beyond impressed with this man and this business.

Bottom line, we did get out of our contract with “scam company” and I called Jason again to try to get our car shipped. He was realistic with his quotes, took no money prior to booking, and arranged transport to San Francisco, then to where we needed the car, instead of continuing to try to sell the bad location.

So what I tell everyone I can is this:

1. DO NOT PAY ANYTHING TOWARD YOUR CAR TRANSPORT UNTIL YOU JOB HAS A CONFIRMED BOOKING. (you likely will end up very very sorry if you do… we paid to rent a car for weeks while working through all of this with our “scam company”)

2. IF POSSIBLE – IF YOU ARE NOT TRANSPORTING FROM OR TO A “POPULAR” DESTINATION, DROP YOUR CAR OFF AT OR PICK UP FROM THE NEAREST CITY. YOU WILL LIKELY SAVE YOURSELF TIME AND MONEY (I assume the people at this office or any other you talk to could tell you if and where there are better locations and how to arrange drop off/pick up.)

I have no idea if this business is any cheaper or better than others in this business, but this man spent so much time on the phone with me explaining things he didn’t have to, to someone he, at that time stood no chance of getting any business from. When we did hire them, he did what he said he would in a timely manner for essentially the same price he quoted, and they did not take any money until our job was sold.

I would call them and only them if/when we ever decided we needed to transport a car again.

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Kelley S.

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