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Sarasota FL, 34238

Rated 3.0 out of 5
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Rated 1.0 out of 5
August 13, 2015

If you are thinking of going with PDQ Auto Movers because they promise to ship your car faster than their competitors, a word of warning for you: Don’t.

Turns out, they don’t ship any faster; they just have a certain comfort level with untruths.

My scheduled pick-up was for July 18 with delivery by July 27. When all was said and done, my car was actually delivered on Friday, August 7.

When I called to ask about the delay, I was told “it’s not like a pizza.”

Right, because pizzas delivery comes with a certain level of accountability.

They did helpfully offer to let me pay a few hundred dollars more if I wanted to get my car delivered by the date originally promised in my contract.

When I asked where in the country my car happened to be located at that time, I was told the driver wasn’t really answering his texts and I was welcome to try him myself to see if I had better luck. Reception is bad in the middle of the country. I get it. Still, a couple days later they still didn’t know where my car was.

When my car finally did arrive, it was two weeks later than the worst-case-scenario delivery estimate. Somehow the antenna had been snapped off the roof (even though those things screw on and off). And before agreeing to hand over the keys to my car, the driver (from Pro Logistic Transport) made me sign a form indicating that when he took possession of the car initially it had been “covered in too many dents to even list on this form.”

Um. False.

Is there a review option less than one star? How many stars is it appropriate to give a company that you almost reported to the police for grand theft auto?

Avatar for Sydney M.
Sydney M.
Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 21, 2014

After looking at reviews of car transport companies I was skeptical of finding any company that could safely and cost effectively ship my car from NC to CA for my daughter’s use. I ruled out many, many companies based on terrible customer service reviews or BBB ratings, so when I found PDQs 5-star ratings and A+ BBB rating I was still skeptical, but decided to use them. WOW…glad I did.

From the very first contact with PDQ, everything was perfect. No deposit required unit the car was picked up…big plus there. Driver not only showed up on the promised date, but I was notified a day ahead and received a call from the driver with a time window so I could plan for the pick up. The driver was courteous and careful in his loading of the car and gave me his estimate of the delivery date, which was actually earlier than the original estimate.

A week later we got a call from the transport company in CA that the car was ready for delivery…ahead of schedule, which was great for us. We confirmed the time and place for delivery and my daughter made the pick up and paid the balance to the driver exactly as contracted for.

Ahead of schedule, no damage, no hidden fees, great communications with all parties. I paid 10-15% more than some of the low-ball bids I got, but I’m glad I did. I would give PDQ and their contracted carrier 10 stars if I could…it was that good!

Signed, a happy customer in Raleigh NC

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M L.

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