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9597 Jones Rd #107
Houston TX, 77065

Rated 4.3 out of 5
4.3 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
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Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 31, 2019

I had never arranged transportation for a vehicle on a truck before and I quickly learned that there are so gosh darn many companies that my search became a chore. I wanted an enclosed truck to protect my brand new SUV from NY to California. I decided early in my seach to try to get a recommendation for a company from high-end car dealers/exotic car dealers as they must care about their expensive vehicles…..when I learned about their recommendations I checked Yelp….and other sites….some brokers tried to infulence me that I can trust their BBB (Better Business Bureau) reviews but I am smart enough to know that BBB is a paid service therefore I do not trust their reviews; they only report if companies are in good financial status with their creditors.

So I tripped into Paragon online in my search…..Tony was straight forward with his pricing and availability; he has integrity; he explained that he would have to subcontract out to a driver as his personal vehicles were not available to accommodate my schedule…..but he has ten years experience with select subcontractors……Alex who drove my SUV could not have been any better….he and Tony both communicated with me enough to give me comfort and satisfaction that my SUV would arrive in the time frame quoted. Alex called me two days before arriving in SoCal; he worked with me to identify a final destination and timing as I didn’t want to receive my SUV in the dark. He graciously accommodated my request and he delivered my vehicle in the morning and called me 20 minutes before his expected ETA.

I am delighted to submit this unsolicited review and I wish Tony and his subs ongoing success so that they may assist others who want to transport their vehicle safely and cost-competitively.

Avatar for Carolyn L.
Carolyn L.
Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 26, 2016

I just finished putting a good review up for them on Google+ but I wanted to make sure I added it on Yelp too as I am making a concerted effort to use Yelp more. I have long used to it help me get around, find places, and read about their services and quality, but I have never taken (or had) the time to post. So now I’m going to change all that.

Here’s my review…

Great guys. I have been meaning to put up this review for some time but you know how life gets too busy and it just gets put off. But I finally have a little more time so I am going to catch up with a bunch of the reviews I’ve meaning to give.

Paragon handled my car shipping from Texas to Los Angeles and they were so nice. I got such a good deal, almost 200 less than the other companies were quoting at that time. And the agent took so much extra time to explain how it all worked, and walk me through at each step.

He even called afterwards to make sure I was doing well, and to find out how the car was holding up. When I let him know I needed to get a tune up, he recommended someone in the valley he knew and they did an awesome job.

Great service and great customer service. Would definitely use them again and I have already told family and friends about Paragon.

Avatar for Emma M.
Emma M.
Rated 3.0 out of 5
July 31, 2014

Do not do business with them. Tony is a great guy but does not understand the actual facts of a situation. I cancelled with him prior to getting any type of confirmation with his driver or him and he did not provide me with an ETA or call. I have all dialog and contact between him and I. I found a company with a better price and shipping method and he tries to charge me a $250 cancellation fee. He states that a driver was dispatched but how come my deposit I authorized to charge was not actually charge if it was? (common practice by all shipping companies) He actually tried charging my card after I had cancelled with him.

EDIT: I understand Paragon’s reply and change my review to 3 stars. They did provide excellent service, prompt contact, and always able to get a hold of. I don’t doubt their quality of shipping vehicle’s either. However, their business conduct is not like their customer service. Though they stated there was a carrier assigned, there was never factual indication that one was which led to the belief that I was able to cancel without a cancellation fee.

1. No call from carrier to myself or the pick up contact

2. No charge of a deposit when carrier was assigned (common practice for all transport companies)

Avatar for Steve N.
Steve N.

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