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8103 E US HWY 36 PMB 306
Avon Indiana, Long Beach California, Avon, CT Avon New York, Jacksonville Florida, WPB FL,MA, CT,WY

Rated 1.0 out of 5
1.0 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)
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Rated 1.0 out of 5
October 31, 2021

SCAM! Run far away! Working with Avon has been a complete nightmare. I’ve been working with Eddy & he is a liar & ignores you. First, I got a quote for $2,700 to ship my car from Ontario, CA to Anchorage, AK. I placed my request about a week & a half before pickup. When I made my arrangements, Eddy told me to PayPal him $300 for the deposit which will be included in my price ($2,700). Right there I should have stopped as paying PayPal is a red flag. I paid him & he told me I would get a call 24 hours in advance from the driver for pick up. The day before pickup comes & I haven’t heard anything. I wait till the next day (pick up day) & still nothing in the morning. I contact Eddy & let him know & he contacts the driver. The truck driver then calls an hour later & says he’s 30 minutes away. A very late notice. Truck driver comes to pick up the car, he seems nice, everything seemed okay. 3 days later my car is in Tacoma, WA waiting to be shipped to Alaska. This is where things get weird. The truck driver starts to call me & ask me to pay him. This should be Eddy’s job to handle this! I contact Eddy & he tells me to send PayPal him $600, so I do. Couple days later I arrive in Anchorage & my car also arrives. It was shipped via Matson (which I had no idea). I get a bill from Matson stating I owe them $2,122.48. I contact Eddy to let him know the amount & ask if they will take out $300 for my deposit. He says he is out of the office & will call me back. Never calls me back & now ignores me for days. At this point I have to pick up my car or else I will be charged $50 daily for Matson holding my car. So I call Matson & they keep telling me that I made this reservation myself & I tell them no, I never booked this reservation directly with Matson, I booked my car transport with Avon & they should be the ones handling everything. So what happened was, Eddy from Avon, made a booking with Matson with all my information making it look like I personally made the reservation, which I did not! Everything was under my name when it should have been under Avon. Very suspicious! I try to contact Eddy & he ignores me after several calls & texts. Thankfully my car is in good condition but I’m out $300. My experience working with Avon was horrible. You’re lied to, the middle man between truck drives & Avon & have someone book reservations under your name when it should be under the company. Even the workers at Matson thought that was very strange. Stay far away & book else where!

Avatar for Olivia J.
Olivia J.
Rated 1.0 out of 5
November 10, 2020

This company is a fraudulent business and I’m shocked they are still running. Do NOT trust Harrison Pom, he scammed me very badly. He stole money from me and has ignored all my texts and phone calls. I was supposed to expect a moving truck after sending him over $600 for a deposit to secure a truck after signing the contract and the movers never showed up to my house. He made up an excuse saying Troy Larsen had family issues and that he was just parked outside his family’s house not moving the truck. He promised me the next day that the movers will arrive, shocker, they never did once again. I have a strong belief that he never hired any movers from the beginning. Especially since he kept giving me the runaround and wouldn’t give me the movers contact info to get ahold of them myself. He is also very unreliable and ignores half your calls and texts. I already reported him and I hope others who have been scammed by him in the past did as well. His shady business will be shut down soon and karma will come to take care of him.

Avatar for Laura D.
Laura D.
Rated 1.0 out of 5
January 10, 2020

Do not hire this company! I wish I had saw these reviews before I Sent my $75 deposit. I also spoke with Teddy and he told me that he would call me back to give me a pick up time, he never did. Don’t waste your time or money with them!!!

Avatar for Glenis S.
Glenis S.

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