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Rated 2.4 out of 5
2.4 out of 5 stars (based on 10 reviews)
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Rated 1.0 out of 5
October 10, 2022

Dear Tony, (Owner of AM PM Auto Transport), you have stated/posted to the public false information on fulfilling our contract with your company. My son’s rental cost was higher than the norm due to not being a resident of Arizona, not having an Arizona driver license, or a major credit card with him. Therefore, his fees were much higher. My son just moved to Arizona. Contrary to your own belief, you’re not being honest. I contacted both the Port of Anchorage and Alaska Auto shipping that verified they never told your company there was ice that held my son’s car up in Anchorage and had that been the case they have a solution to remove the ice and that still would not have held my son’s car up. August 2022 was not an ice problem. Your company is a broker that outsource to other trucking companies and the customer is not made aware of this pertinent information. Your company held my son’s car up waiting to find a driver and your employee Sophie lied on both of these reputable companies and tried to shift the blame on our local shipping companies. There’s so much that your company has done wrong to include trying to indirectly persuade me to remove my honest post. You tried to offer me $375.00 which I rightfully declined. My son and I was lied to by Geo and Sophie. I spoke to your manager James on October 10, 2022, James stated you didn’t want to compensate me and that I can keep my review up and perhaps at a later date you will reconsider compensation. Geo and Sophie were very misleading. Your employees did not act in good faith, in fact Geo and Sophie kept lying to my son and I. Sophie told me verbatim “your company did not have a driver to ship my son’s car.” This is just a pinch of the cover up. Your company did not go out of their way to rectify the situation, your company didn’t as much as keep in touch with us, we had to contact your company several times and left several messages to no avail, until I finally reached Geo. Geo tried to duck my son. After standing firm with Sophie, she finally found a company to deliver my son’s car 6 days later. Sophie promised she would put my son’s car on a priority list, she did not keep her promise. Finally, I was given Juan’s phone number a third-party company that was delivering my son’s car. I asked Juan was he made aware that my son’s car was put on a priority list? Juan stated “no, there was no mention of being a priority and if there had been special notes on his sheet, he would’ve made sure my son’s car was prioritized.” Juan showed more care than AM PM Auto Transport. Your company wasn’t willing to compensate me or my son not one cent; it was your manager James that was trying to compensate my son and I and right your company’s wrong. Sophie told me there’s nothing your company could do, and she also told me my son’s situation was a small problem and y’all had a driver truck that caught fire and that was more serious. I definitely sympathize with the driver truck that caught fire, but my son’s car was no small matter, he was starting a job and he need reliable transportation. I never talked to you Tony because you refused to get on the phone. Everything that you posted was totally fabricated. Your company does not go out of their way to help the customer, your manager James was the only employee willing to right all of your company’s wrongs. You’re not concerned about the customer, it’s about the negative review. My review is written based on my truthful experience with your company not with malice. Sophie tried to indirectly get me to remove my post on October 3, 2022. Sophie tried to reach me on October 3, 2022, by 3 text messages and 2 calls. Sophie tried to indirectly convince/persuade me to remove my post by first by stating over the phone to me “I’m not asking you to remove your post, but it would be nice if you remove it.” Sophie asked me in a very cunning voice to indirectly remove my post. The many actions of your company led me to believe this is their normal practice to persuade you to remove honest and truthful post without AM PM Auto Transport not accepting zero accountability for their wrongdoings. Geo and Sophie were totally dishonest with my son and I, and your post is totally fabricated. I paid your company in full. The real truth of the matter is your company did not have a driver to deliver my son’s car that was left sitting in Kent Washington. All of your company’s reviews appears to have similarities to what type of services are rendered. Had I read your reviews first, I wouldn’t have as much considered your company. I’ve used three different reputable car shipping companies throughout the years and never have I had this problem with any of these companies, they were always upfront and never lied to me. Tony, I will not give you the satisfaction of fabrication or embellishing a story to hide the truth about your company’s wrongdoings. The truth will set you free!! I will always stand in my truth.

Avatar for Jeanette B.
Jeanette B.
Rated 1.0 out of 5
June 10, 2022

Ppl are so unprofessional these days… i booked a car transportation service on May 24th and this man hasnt had not one carrier company to agree to pick up my car… that was 18 days ago… my car needs to be picked up by June 16th and he wants me to “trust” that he can deliver a carrier company in time … not only that but he charged me a $375 deposit that could’ve been avoided, and failed to mention I qualified for military discount… he was being greedy lol, today I requested a refund and this was his response… if yall in California, please dont book with these people…‼‼‼‼

Avatar for Teressa H.
Teressa H.
Rated 2.0 out of 5
April 14, 2021

I read all the reviews regarding the company and saw some crappy ones but mostly sounded like people didn’t like time lines, they were late or early, etc. but decided to go with them to transport 3 vehicles (both my sisters vehicles and mine) across the country. I gave them a large window of when they could be picked up and was told on Monday it would not be before Wednesday and I would hear from them them then to give me a better time estimate. They sent me an email Wednesday morning at 7 am and said a driver was on his way and nothing else, did not call or give me a heads up other than an email that I saw 3 hours later. When my sister called them to find out more details and question why neither of us were called she was yelled at and treated extremely poorly. Barry has great customer service until the customer questions something, we were rudely told he could just cancel it now if we would like.

However the actual transport company saved the day, the driver was so understanding and kind, I could not have asked for a better experience with the actual transporter.

In the future I will not use AM PM due to the disrespect and unprofessionali

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Kassie Y.

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