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3710 W Tompkins Ave
Las Vegas NV, 89103

Rated 2.3 out of 5
2.3 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
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Rated 1.0 out of 5
August 16, 2018

Do not use this company.

Let me explain.

I have actually used this company 3 times now.

First time- went off without a hitch.

2nd time- They delivered my Gallardo to me and the hood had a long scratch in the clear bra which was not there when I bought the car. They paid for the clear bra to be replaced, all is fine.

3rd and most recent time. I was sending my Huracan back to Chicago for the Summer, so I decided to drop the car off at lambo NB to take care of the loading of the car. The car was dirty as I had just taken it on a 200 mile road trip, so I had asked that the car be cleaned before it was picked up. The dealer got busy and it wasn’t able to be cleaned, no biggy. Transport company came to pick up car, did their inspection, and off they go. Let me make note that anyone that knows me understands I keep all my cars perfect always. The car gets delivered to me and there is a small dent, about half the size of a pea on my rear difuser. Small nick on my clear bra on my hood as well. I tell the driver that delivered the car, and he mentions to me that he didn’t see it because the car was dirty, but it was there before.

I found this with the car dirty in my garage without any issue, so how could someone that does this for a living not find it? On the bill of lading there is absolutely no call out for a dent on my diffuser, and I tell him that. This is the same driver that delivered my other Gallardo as well. I have a relationship with them, so when he said just take it up with my bosses and we’ll take care of it, I believed him.

Let’s fast forward 3 months. Nothing has been handled, the owner of the company told me they can’t afford to pay the amount of the estimate(um, what?) So he tells me to call his insurance. I do this, they are a nightmare to work with, they keep telling me that they can never get ahold of Ace American to get details they need to finalize the claim, etc.

I’ve already replaced my difuser with a CF difuser, I simply wanted to replace my stock one in case I want to put the car back to stock. I want people to know that although i’ve had a good experience with this company, I’ve also had a horrible one. Do not use this company because they cannot and will not take care of the issues with your car if it’s outside of the amount they can afford(whatever that means.) I will be posting this on all the other forums I’m a member of so that people don’t get taken for a ride.

I will also say that from this forum, I got recommended to Applewood and Bruce there hooked me up! His price he offered was fair, the service was top notch, and the driver even covers the car with plastic. Ace American Transport NEVER did this, which is crazy considering these are 200-500k cars we’re dealing with here.

Thanks all, hope this helps.

Avatar for Anderson C.
Anderson C.
Rated 1.0 out of 5
September 24, 2016

I would give this company negative stars if I had a choice. The car was supposed to arrive on Wednesday then Thursday, then on Friday they said the car broke down so they can’t deliver until Saturday but they assured that the car will leave in the morning. We called Saturday morning but absolutely no answer. I called the main store and this lunatic(owner) picks up the car and he started to curse at me. It’s noon and he said he doesn’t work in the morning (posted hour is 8am -5pm) basically yelling and cursing at me that the car will get there when it gets there. (Really?) All I wanted to hear is the status and assurance that the car will arrive safely because they haven’t been true about their schedule. STAY AWAY from this company!!! They have no clue about customer care. They don’t inform the customers, they give wrong information about where the car is, and to top that, they curse (F word everywhere) and scream at you. Handling luxury cars with care??? If you want to be treated as human being, you need to work with someone else. Trust me. Please look for other transportation company if you don’t want your blood pressure to go up.

Avatar for Valerie F.
Valerie F.
Rated 5.0 out of 5
July 31, 2016

These guys are amazing! Was trying to get my car picked up in Ohio and no one was working with me! I needed the car picked up on Friday as that was the only day I would be in Ohio. I live in Salt Lake Utah and purchased the car in Ohio. I flew out Thursday night, and was flying back to Utah Friday Evening so I had a very small window for pickup. Most companies quoted me over 2500 dollars and said they may not make it within that window. Which would be a huge problem for me, as I would have to extend my stay, and possibly even fly back. Long story short, these guys arrived super early in the day Friday Loaded my car up for me, and were on their way! I was planning on getting the car late the next week as it is close to a 3 day drive, and they had a few other cars with them. To my surprise they called me early in the day Sunday and said they will arrive in a few hours. Super excited! Best transport service I’ve ever used. I’d pay them more. Very professional, and extremely fast! Car looked great on arrival! Definitely recommend and will use again!

Avatar for Winston N.
Winston N.

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